Baroda Public School Infrastructure

Infrastructure of Baroda Public School

BPS has one of the best infrastructure facilities in Ajwa / Waghodia region of Vadodara city. The overall growth and development of our students is the guiding principle, and to this end the infrastructure and facilities necessary for a modern academic institution are provided for.

Facilities in Baroda Public School

BPS provides good facilities and amenities for every child studying at the school. BPS ensures that the child gets the best education and an equal opportunity for all-round development with safety and security. The school also takes one step ahead and offers facilities for parents to get updates on their childrens’ progress at regular intervals.

Smart Education technology

The classrooms have interactive white  boards which make learning fun. Visual  presenters,  visualizers,  digital overheads  project  the  images  of   two/three  dimensional  objects  creating  interest among  the  students  to  learn.

The best part is that BPS embraced the latest teaching technology without any changes in the fee structure, providing the best for their students to mold them into a brighter future generation.

Computer Lab

Computer  aided  learning  is  an  integral  part  of  BPS.  Keeping  up  with  technologically advanced  time,  a  fully  equipped  computer  lab  has  been  built  for  the  children  so  that  they could  explore  the  subjects according to their likes.  The  lab  also  has broadband  Internet  access which is shared with the children under strict supervision. Our  aim  is to  enable  and empower students to  visualize  their  subjects  better  by  using  computer  for  hands on learning.  For  this,  we  have  a  crafted  the  best  curriculum which will help students to prepare for the future career of their choice.

Science Lab

We at BPS want students to move beyond book learning and understand the essential concepts of physics, chemistry and biology through experimentation. They are encouraged to test the validity of theories for themselves. They are taught to formulate, prove and disprove hypotheses by methodically conducting experiments, making observations, analysis and reporting results in an unbiased fashion. Lab classes are conducted every week on a regular basis. Separate science labs for physics, chemistry and biology are maintained. Our labs have all the necessary equipment, manuals and charts for conduction of high school experiments and meet the NCERT guidelines. Our competent and dedicated faculty and lab assistant supervise all lab activities. Students are given clear instructions at the start of every lab session so that experiments are conducted smoothly and safety guidelines are followed. Sufficient precautions have been taken to minimize accidents. First aid kits are available in all the labs

Mathematics Lab

The maths lab is a place where all students can experiment and explore patterns and ideas. In mathematics lab students can find collection of puzzles, games and other learning material. All materials are meant to be used by students with help of teachers to explore more in mathematics. Students can learn and develop interest in mathematics.

Physics Lab

Physics labs are equipped with magnets, voltmeters, ammeters, magnifying lenses, screw gauge, slide calipers etc. At our Physics laboratory students can understand and experiment on law of physics and enhance knowledge of insider physician. Students can learn by experimenting and asking questions, performing procedures, collecting & analyzing data, answering questions & thinking of new ideas to explore.

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry laboratory at BPS is designed to support and illustrate chemical concepts studied in the lecture portion of the course, as well as to introduce important laboratory techniques and encourage analytical thinking.

Biology Lab

The biology lab is equipped with necessary glassware, stopwatch and equipment such as microscopes, magnifying lenses, sample slides of various tissues and organisms and a water bath for the study of living things. Models of digestive system, skeletal system and specimens of organisms are available for students to get a clear vision of anatomy of living things.

Students Insurance

From students getting hurt playing sports to the dangers of running chemistry experiments, educational institutions face a lot of unique risks. All students inside campus are insured with quality insurance plan, so doesn’t matter what happens we’ve got our students covered in all un-expected events.

Art & Craft Lab

Art Studio is the busiest in the school that attracts every student. Here every small scribbling of a student is polished to become a traditional or modern art or blend of both or other forms of visual art. The Art studio caters to the needs of drawing and painting skills of students by conducting classes as part of co-scholastic areas in the curriculum.

Robotic Lab

This lab  is based  on  the  “Learning  by  Doing”  methodology,  encouraging  students  to develop problem solving,  decision  making  and  scientific  inquiry  skills and  comprehend  abstract concepts  in  a  play  way  method. It  allows them  to  investigate,  plan,  test  and  implement  their ideas  thus focusing  on  application  of  the  CS-STEM concepts  and  themes.  Students  are engaged  in  dynamic  activities  and  by  using  the  experience,  they  become  the  protagonists of  their  own  learning.  Students  discover  an  exciting  and  important  connection  with  real

world applications, an experience that is vital for success in the 21st century. It is integrated within the school time table and covers topics in the curriculum as per CBSE, ICSE and state boards.

Lift for Disabled

We care for every child equally. The campus has a lift which helps the specially-abled children travel across the school easily.

Emergency exits & fire instruments

The odds on your school experiencing such a fire are about one in 20. We’re prepared for all emergency, in case of fire emergency we have well routed fire exits and fire extinguisher installed in multiple part of all floors in school.

Music Room

Our school boasts of a highly accomplished music staff and a well-equipped music room on the school campus. Music Teachers viz Keyboard, Tabla, Guitar, Percussion and Jazz Drums train students with various activities such as vocal, composing accompanying and orchestration skills in their regular classes in distinct Music Studios as a part of performing art in the curriculum.

Dance Room

The school has a number of dedicated staff to develop and enhance the performing art skills of students in a unique Dance Studio. Performing art is amalgamated in the curriculum and students are trained constantly throughout the year to be proficient in today’s competitive world that considers dance as a prerequisite skill.

Table Tennis Academy 

Sports provide a whole gamut of options. If one hesitates to go out in the sun, one can enjoy the same intensity and competition in indoor sports such as badminton or table tennis. Baroda Public School is well equipped with fine and best Table Tennis facility.

Indoor & Outdoor sports

OUTDOOR:- Basketball, Football, Skating, Cricket, Touch rugby, Athletics, Karate, Dodge Ball, Volleyball and Indigenous Games.

INDOOR:-  Table tennis, Chess, Carrom, Rope Skipping. Trained and experienced coaches have been appointed for each sporting discipline. High quality, well maintained infrastructure has been put into place. We believe in giving each student the chance to try all sports. Children of varying strengths and abilities are encouraged to try their hand at different activities. Great care and attention are given to health and hygiene during sports hour. Our staff ensures that students avoid injuries and over-training. Students whose performance has been superlative are selected to represent the school team. BPS periodically organizes/participates inter school competitions to foster healthy competition between students of different schools.


Housed in a spacious hall and filled with latest books, periodicals and research reports; BPS library encourages students to make good use of the resource room, in a conducive atmosphere for reading and reflection. The list of books and journals are constantly updated and expanded every academic year.

Health is Wealth

BPS aims to provide care for children and staff to ensure that they can be as healthy as possible to maximize their experience at school. We provide care for acute and chronic illnesses, first aid, and health education for children, teachers and parents, and health screening. Health Check-ups & Medical Awareness Camp are conducted frequently.

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