Management & Team

Trustees of Baroda Public School

Mr. Shailesh Mehta

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”

– Benjamin Franklin.

The three basic needs often described in India are ” Roti, Kapda Aur Makaan”. I would like to add another basic need to this list i.e. ” Vidya”. My idea of Mehta Education and Medical Trust is to be able to provide education to all children in Vadodara. Educated India is a Celebrated India. Education guides through the struggles of life ; enforces you towards progress and most importantly makes you a self-dependent individual for the rest of your life. My personal goal is to guide this trust to provide a good quality education through knowledge, culture, morals and athletics. An all-around education is required for the development of a great leader. I believe women are the true leaders of this world and helping all the girls achieve high-quality education has always been my primary focus. Sustainable Change, Optimistic Outlook, Progressive Thinking and Self Dependent Attitude are the essential attributes that can be achieved through education.

Mrs. Meena Mehta

“Intelligence plus character that is the true goal of education”

– Martin Luther King Jr.

Education determines the future and progress of not only an individual but an entire nation. India has always had an inherent tendency to consume knowledge and empowering people through education. Our history has been enlightened through scholars. From Aryabhatta’s discovery of Zero to Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam’s work in developing India’s missile technology has boosted our country to stand tall in front of other developed nations. Education is an essential virtue of independence; be it personal or financial. The Idea of Mehta Education And Medical Trust is to provide education to develop the future self-dependent leaders of India. We want to empower our students with the knowledge that can help them achieve their goals on their own. We want to be their stepping stone to self-dependence and excellence.

Management of Baroda Public School

Mrs. Gayatri Vyas – Primary

Mrs. Gayatri Vyas Primary Principal BPS Vadodara

“Education is a process from cradle to grave”

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused efforts. In BPS planning of efforts is done for future in the particular way at specific time so that the students, teachers and parents get best outcome.

Education is to nourish the roots of our culture, Society must se the students free to follow their vision & BPS management has a vision to develop excellence within students.

Knowledge and innovation, being complimentary to each other are twin agents of development in this cyber age and we believe in the development of our children to face this cyber age. Children are given space of contribution and lively interaction in classroom. BPS believes in developing trust, success and faith in the hearts of parents. We also believe in developing spirit of co-operation and mutual respect among students and teachers.

Our motto “Focus on children” is at the heart of everything. we do at the school. whether a child is an introvert or extrovert personality the aim is to nurture the child into a self confident individual. We appeal to young minds by incorporating smart board and computers at BPS it is our endeavor to develop deeper into the true purpose of education by giving our students opportunities & an environment that is positive, inspiring, challenging & stimulating.

keeping this motto in your mind and being punctual in your work you will surely come out in flying colors at the end of the academic year.

Mr. Nilesh Rathor. M.Sc. B.Ed.

Principal – Sec & HS Section.

Nilesh Rathod secondary principal BPS

“EDUCATION” – “EDUCARE”  : Taking care about the education.

Now-a-days lot many articles about the development in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are getting published, talking about replacing the teachers….

Anyone can be impressed and so do I, however I did not agree with the idea teachers being fully replaced. I still believe that the teachers will continue to play an important role in education system. There are areas like communication, interpersonal relations and many more that cannot be taught with computers. Also the reinforcement by teachers keeps a student focused.

Better education system is very necessary for all to go ahead in the life and get success. School education plays a great role in everyone’s life. The whole education system has been divided into three divisions, such as Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary.


  • Primary education prepares the base which helps throughout the life.
  • Secondary education prepares the path for the future study.
  • Higher Secondary education prepares the ultimate path of future and whole life.


We at  “Baroda Public School (BPS)” take a pride to avail every child education right from the beginning of habit development to higher education to choose career. Keeping in mind the future of active global citizenship, we try to provide training, leadership and team building skills and tools for educators and students to design and implement inclusive intercultural learning for being active global citizen. BPS has students exchange  programme and is paving the path for the teachers too.

Our Objective is to empower and equip the educators and students towards intentional and active global citizenship, creating torchbearers of world peace and empathy and truly an Indian by heart. Here focus on “Sustainable Development Goals, SDG16 – Peace, Justice and Strong Institution and SDG4 – Quality Education.”

Human society is changing and evolving almost every moment. It is encountering new phases which require new knowledge and new tools and most importantly new mindset of acceptance. BPS is equipped with all new tools to fulfill the needs and aspiration of new generation of mankind.

The only thing required as a citizen and parent to  understand the requirement of the recent time and make acceptable changes and we welcome this at BPS whole heartedly and open mindset.

TAKE THE FIRST STEP A world of limitless possibilities awaits your child.