"Where there is a will there is a way."

The basic method of teaching to be followed would be a play way method so as to get rid of formal monotonous teaching which repels students from going to schools. Here we follow the syllabus of Gujarat State Education Board with the help of NCERT SYLABI. More emphasis will be paid on oral and written skills. Three basic concepts like language, Number and G.K. would be taught in a structured manner by well experienced, educated and trained teachers.

Beyond Academics

Along with the planned curriculum, we will also try to increase the mental and physical skill of the students by arranging activities within and outside classroom. Such activities include Yoga, Aerobics, rope climbing, field trips, picnics, visits, collage making, math and science Olympiads, storytelling, poem recitation etc.

Student Grooming Centre

BPS runs a Student Grooming Centre in the school premises after the school hours, mostly 4-7 pm, for extra coaching & educational activities for the students of 1st-10th std. on the weekdays. Sundays are reserved for Language Development & Personality Development classes for the students who are interested in the same. The school strives to offer all-round development avenues to the students without any additional cost.