Along with the planned curriculum we will also try to increase the mental and physical skill of the young toddlers by arranging activities within and outside classroom. Such activities include Yoga , Aerobics , rope climbing , field trips , picnics , visits , collage making maths and science Olympiads, storytelling , poem recitation etc.



The unique and one-of-its-kind feature of the school is SKRG which offers Skating, Karate, Rope Yoga & Gymnastics to the students and every student must choose any one of these four as per their interest, for their physical development and developing interest in sports. These activities are done in the school premises, adjusted in the school timings, and supervised by sports faculty of the school. Apart from these four, there is a plan to introduce Classical & Western Dance to the students to incline them towards performing arts.


With SKRG and other sports activities, the students are made to focus on physical health educational & development and they are encouraged to participate in regional and state-level competitions and perform at the Khel Mahakumbh Sports Meet.